Friday, 27 July 2012

Rosco's just pumped out a profile for the full Mens A & B course - thanks mate.

It includes 2 laps of the pondage, and one big lap over Skyline (guess which bit that is!) - 100+kms all up.

 Hope you like it...!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Thanks for joining us!

Be sure to register your email address so you can receive updates as details develop, in what will be one of Club Racing's best Spring outings, in beautiful Eildon.

The 2012 Edition of the Damian McDonald Memorial incorporates a few changes, which we hope you'll appreciate...

1.  A Perpetual Shield has now been struck, with the names of past winners - who will go down as the 2012 winner?

2.  The 2012 Memorial reverts to it's Graded Road Race status, allowing more competitive racing across bigger fields.

3.  There are two Womens grades, including a Trophy race for A Grade.

4.  All JM17 riders will contest for a trophy and perpetual glory in Damian's Race. Wangaratta CC have run Damian's Race for Juniors, and are bringing it to Eildon for the first time.

5.  There are new Sponsors on-board to sweeten the prize-pool for all competitors - trophies, medals & cash!

6.  Under 17 Girls and Under 15 boys will race together, as will Under 15 girls, and Under13 boys. Under 13 Girls will have a race of their own. Of course, riding marshals will assist the younger kids on their way.

Take a look around the site to get familiar with the race, it's history, and how you can make it part of your Spring campaign.

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