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Junior Roll-outs

  • Junior roll-outs will be enforced (J13 - 5.5m, J15 - 6.0m, J17 - 7.0m, J19 - 7.93m)
  • The only exception are the top-age J17 riders in the Mens & Womens Grades. A J19 roll-out will apply.
Parking instructions
  • Please follow directions of parking marshals and race officials at all times.
  • Most competitors will be able to park in the Golden Trout Hotel Carpark, adjacent to the Bistro entrance. There will also be parking  WEST of the finishline on Riverside Drive.

Registration Desk - RaceHQ

  • Located in the Golden Trout Hotel Motel, their conference room has been setup for Rider registration (you must have your current Cycling Australia GOLD Licence) and Volunteer Rendezvous Point. Located adjacent to the Bistro parking area, there are convenient toilets, and the cafe will be open early, too.
  • Open 8.30am
  • Closes strictly at 9.40am (see below for race-times and marshaling details)

Marquees at the Finish-line Village

  • We encourage you to bring your tent/marquee for your teammates. However, please be aware we have some premium areas reserved for nominated guests. 
  • Follow the instructions of parking marshals and race officials at all times.

Accommodation & Sunday Meal-deals @ The Golden Trout Hotel Motel

Race-day Program.

  • 8.00am - Cafe at the 'Trout open for business (espresso, cakes, muffins, fruit etc...)
  • 8.30am - Registration desk opens, RaceHQ
  • 9.40am - Registration desk closes
  • 9.45am - All riders to assemble in their bunches in Riverside Drive, under the start-banner
  • 9.50am - Race Directors' briefing (all riders)
  • 9.55am - Commissaires briefing (to riders in their bunches)
  • 10.00am - Combined MensA / MensB Grade bunch depart (to Back Eildon Road))
  • 10.02am - Combined WomensB / JW17 (bottom-age) / JM15 bunch depart (to Skyline Road)
  • 10.05am - Combined WomensA / MensC bunch depart (to Back Eildon Rd)
  • 10.10am - Combined MensD / JM17 (bottom-age) DAMIAN'S RACE (to Back Eildon Rd)
  • 10.15am - Combined JW15 / J13 bunch depart (to Back Eildon Road)
  • 11.20am - 12.25pm - all bunches to finish
  • 12.30pm - Cyclists Lunch Menu open:  $9 roast and vege's;  $6 pastas (selections of bolognese, carbonara, lasagne); $3 salads (eat-in or take-away in plastic containers)
  • 1.30pm - Presentations in the 'Trout's Torbrek Room, adjacent to the Bistro.
  • 2.00pm - fin

Recommendations & Rules - spectators

  • The best way to watch the race is to be part of it - as a Lead or Follow car. Let yourself be known at registration if you want to volunteer.
  • Do not follow the races. Anyone wishing to travel on the roads must do so in the opposite direction (clockwise) to which the riders are racing. 
  • Anyone wishing to spectate on the Skyline hill-climb must leave Eildon prior to 9.45am.
  • Any people connected to the race who flaunt these rules may jeopardise awards and prizes for their associated competitor(s) as a result of this indiscretion.  We realise it's exciting to watch a bike-race - but safety is paramount.
  • Suggested vantage points for spectating are the Golden Trout round-a-bout, Eildon (cnr Centre Rd/Goulburn Valley Hwy); Snobs Creek Hotel Deck, GVHwy; Skyline Terrace (approx 5.5km up the climb); Skyline KOM (top of Skyline Road); Finishline (Riverside Drive, Eildon).
  • Race winners are scheduled to finish at approximately 11.20 (JW15/J13), 11.30 (WomB/ JM15/JW17), midday (WomA/ MensC), 12.15pm (MensD/ JM17), 12.20pm (MensA/ MensB). 

Got any further questions? - let us know, and we'll answer them.

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