Thursday, 30 August 2012


Whack this in your browsers, and check this out...

What you'll see is the Mens A&B Grade course map, showing the Pondage Loop, and Skyline Loop (that's the one with the MOUNTAIN!).

Each bunch does a variant of this course...

Mens A/B - 2 x Pondage Loop + 1 x Skyline Loop (96km)
Mens C/D - 1 x Pondage + 1 x Skyline (71km)
Womens A - 1 x Pondage + 1 x Skyline (71km)
Womens B - 1 Skyline Loop (46km)

JM17 - 1 x Pondage + 1 x Skyline (71km)
JW17 / JM15 - 1 x Skyline Loop (46km)
JW15 / J13 - 1 x Pondage Loop (25km)

Print it out (there's a printable version on the link) and put it on your fridge.

Then, get on your bike....

Have fun!

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